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mheljohn mahinay
Diba sa channel 11 palabas to dati....
Comment from : mheljohn mahinay

H O P E 3 2 1
wish they would consider making a remake that still follows the art style but has better animation!
Comment from : H O P E 3 2 1

Peter Krug
0:25 Opening theme
22:43 Ending theme

Comment from : Peter Krug

Tati and jakayla white
But she's not petty😐
Comment from : Tati and jakayla white

Ronald Marcano
I love this hilarious anime.
Comment from : Ronald Marcano

Kimberlee Clingerman
While I realize this is an older show,I still think that the art is crappy
Comment from : Kimberlee Clingerman

xao vang
This anime definitely needs a remake with the art.
Comment from : xao vang

Mikey Mercado
perfect combination, megumi, anatsuka! & LILI Rochefort of Tekken, they both beautiful, & sexy Women! wow;-)
Comment from : Mikey Mercado

Mikey Mercado
perfect combination! megumi amatsuka, & LILI Rochefort of Tekken, they both beautiful!! & sexy women! ever;-)
Comment from : Mikey Mercado

jeasan declaro
atlast i found this anime it has been deep inside my memories for 15years!!!!and i have finally found it!!!
Comment from : jeasan declaro

Kyle Lodge
P-Chan XD
Comment from : Kyle Lodge

Wa !I love😍
Comment from : 阿娜

Nooblitz 74
Beware the trap
Comment from : Nooblitz 74

zain soy
Wow....tnx i watch u again my frev anime
Comment from : zain soy

Аки Хосино
Я продолжать смотреть аниме
P. S.
I'm angel (of darkness?).

Comment from : Аки Хосино

Kimo Jack
Hahahaha it's killing me so funny😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Kimo Jack

Lilly Mathews
5:59 haha, then they meet her
Comment from : Lilly Mathews

MagiMiso '
When you're ugly af. Life is sad.
Comment from : MagiMiso '

Everything Everything
what the Heck i havent laughed that hard in a while
Comment from : Everything Everything

Jerry Sarino
I always end up in my watched anime list..why is that i like to watch it again.
Comment from : Jerry Sarino

Steve Ogabar
megumi is a man from the start. its all start because of reverse book she wish to become handsome and hunky guy thats why he turn into a beautiful lady
Comment from : Steve Ogabar

Steve Ogabar
megumi is a man from the start. its all start because of reverse book she wish to become handsome and hunky guy thats why he turn into a beautiful lady
Comment from : Steve Ogabar

Phancrae fantasy rea
i got a problem about theyre lips it doesnt have to be details but they tried theyre best :)
Comment from : Phancrae fantasy rea

The intro is way to looooooonnngggg!!!!!!!
Comment from : PURPLE RUMA

where can I find the manga to read online and free? Please if you know tell me
Comment from : senpai니민허

Ryoma Echizen
spoiler alert!!!!

she's actually a girl/tomboy from the very beginning. the magician implanted a fake memory on her and Mickey which makes them believe that she's originally a boy

Comment from : Ryoma Echizen

somia shah
what does onechan means I hear it in every anime and they usually call someone older onechan
Comment from : somia shah

Hime Dejarlo
i think his sex has change. Just like his wish was reversed by that joker who appeared suddenly.
Comment from : Hime Dejarlo

Quan Jones
your right by the way who made this manga ive read it on mangahere but this is funny as shit
Comment from : Quan Jones

Keifer villanueva
She only thinks shes a boy becoz of the genies spell but at birth she is 100% a woman
Comment from : Keifer villanueva

Syakira Maisarah
what's with that terribel drawings but the anime is fun
Comment from : Syakira Maisarah

ArtsyFOX Light
why does the boy dress as a girl???
Comment from : ArtsyFOX Light

Boni tan
Ah yes, one of my childhood Animes. 
wipes tear Glad I found you again ;u;

Comment from : Boni tan

Andy Lorenzo
why do the delinquents look middle aged?
Comment from : Andy Lorenzo

Althea Maxine Caballero
She is a boy 
Comment from : Althea Maxine Caballero

i do some searching in the comments and there're spoilers flying left to right...and there are some surprising ones....STFU p.s. I just started watching ;"(
Comment from : rokitup

Maris Ramirez
Comment from : Maris Ramirez

Koty Matthews
S#&$t that's a bad way to live the rest of your life
Comment from : Koty Matthews

Yui Chan
I cant fing the english dub on youtube
Comment from : Yui Chan

Dah Paw
I watches this like 5 times already ya know and she born one hundred percent a boy
Comment from : Dah Paw

At least Senpai notices him/her.
Comment from : Zeyo

JoAnna J
This will always be my all time fav anime. I don't care what anyone says! It's freakin' *hilarious*!! 
Comment from : JoAnna J

Comment from : just888just

This is Cutie Ringo Joy
u will found out megumi found out she was born originally a 100% girl, there wasn't a spell from the start lol
Comment from : This is Cutie Ringo Joy

This is Cutie Ringo Joy
if u read the last chapter of the manga u will know that megumi broke the spell then she was already originally born a girl that actually think like a guy thats all
Comment from : This is Cutie Ringo Joy

Taylor Gonzales
It won't load
Comment from : Taylor Gonzales

Sadiran Sukamto
i thought they were in some kind of alley
Comment from : Sadiran Sukamto

JennyLedesmade Ledesma
Comment from : JennyLedesmade Ledesma

JennyLedesmade Ledesma
Comment from : JennyLedesmade Ledesma

Bivek Khadgi
please upload ep 2 
Comment from : Bivek Khadgi

Manga way better, maybe if it would have been made in another time.
Comment from : MrHuntervad

misheel dolguun
the opening is absolutely terrible
Comment from : misheel dolguun

How cute his personalaties is?
Comment from : RamenLover

nico sendrowski
Is shit
Comment from : nico sendrowski

the opening is original but terrible at the same time. it's not about how old the anime is. The plans for the opening are just plain bad. Sure, wings and feathers fit the title but mermaids?! And it doesn't show what the anime is about besides the main character actually being a boy
Comment from : Sofitssofi

i agree. the story is pretty good unlike today's anime. those new anime series that are being released lacks the story plot and more of an animation. -_-
Comment from : Eunieberry

freakin cinderblock 22:22
Comment from : Shinmo__

i agree for an anime aired released in the 2002-2003
Comment from : TheDylan406

Zack Gomez
I love this show! It's really good. I love the subject of it all. I hope I can watch all the episodes.
Comment from : Zack Gomez

Gorgeous Amethyst Han
Almost forgot to tell u guys and gals there's a short scenes on every ending episode. :D
Comment from : Gorgeous Amethyst Han

Gorgeous Amethyst Han
I love watching this cheeky angel anime. it's funny, supernatural and lovely and more... Specially megumi and her bff miki :3
Comment from : Gorgeous Amethyst Han

tony koi
Spoiler: Megumi is really a girl. she never really turned from boy to girl but she is originaly a girl
Comment from : tony koi

Hector Gutierrez
Comment from : Hector Gutierrez

Ranma Saotomelove
that's what I thought to going as for ryoga and all so I was confused when it said that......
Comment from : Ranma Saotomelove

a remake would spoil the 90's art style it has i love the art style and p-chan for me is ryoga from ranma 1/2 and in theanga he Asks for 10 year of life to undo the wish instead of telling the span of it
Comment from : roboman3678

re watching this show.again its so good the manga is my favorite thoe :)
Comment from : roboman3678

Thom Sullivan
Comment from : Thom Sullivan

Steven Dykee
I want a remake this series seems pretty interesting
Comment from : Steven Dykee

Fishing Mystic
Nah, too many pervert these days :) they will just turn this masterpiece into hentai :/
Comment from : Fishing Mystic

Fernando Flores
if I was him I would say this is hell
Comment from : Fernando Flores

They should remake this anime with better animation
Comment from : EvilGrin

what the heck this is messed...
Comment from : MsAngelskinner

kazumi omi
kala koh girl talaga :P hindi pla,
Comment from : kazumi omi

-_- I wish the 2 main girls would be more prettier or more better drawn
Comment from : imhabin

Charles sta cruz
I wish they can remake this with better animation. The story is pretty good but the style of drawing and animation is not very good.
Comment from : Charles sta cruz

Charles sta cruz
Spoiler: She's a girl, her memories were replaced to make her think she was a boy. The genie can only affect memories.
Comment from : Charles sta cruz

KaSeani Stands
Gah! I'm torn! I like him as a girl but feel as if he should be a guy cause he was originally one. But I like the delinquent guy so he should stay a girl........ grrrr .-.
Comment from : KaSeani Stands

Christine Brown
So he's a guy before then turned into a girl
Comment from : Christine Brown

love the music
Comment from : MiaInSauga

Is she/he supposed to be ugly and deformed
Comment from : silversun5000

Chaboii Leopold
But she's probably the only one in this show who could beat the crap out of anyone without batting an eye
Comment from : Chaboii Leopold

Chaboii Leopold
B***h be ugly
Comment from : Chaboii Leopold

L Lawliet
lol nut shot
Comment from : L Lawliet

the manga is funny.
Comment from : narutoEATsasuke

peter krug
12:28 Flashback
Comment from : peter krug

hmmm cheeky ass boy becoming young lady? he got what he deserved
Comment from : eagelskater

josh mandeville
The searies waz good but I like kampher better.
Comment from : josh mandeville

22:22 a freaking cinder block
Comment from : Shinmo__

She ugly.
Comment from : halfhalo33

Megumi-chan looks pretty when she fights and then looks like an angel afterwards too. This show seems so interesting. I want more of this. I am going to watch more of this. ;3 Thanks for the upload!!!
Comment from : tsukuyo21

peter krug
Too bad the anime never got licenced. I would've loved to have been able to see it dubbed. If I could choose the voice actors I'd like to have Brina Palencia as Megumi, Monica Rial as Miki, and Colleen Clinkenbeard as Megumi's mom. I don't know who I'd have do the guy's voices.
Comment from : peter krug

peter krug
How does she look disabled?
Comment from : peter krug

Beth KoalaQuigley
i always thought she is beutiful but i only just noticed that she also looks a bit disabled. I like it, its showing that disabled people can be beautiful aswell XD
Comment from : Beth KoalaQuigley

maybe they know akane and ranma to
Comment from : KingsMoo

Of course she'll look there first...
Comment from : Ubervega

Ray Hill
Some scenee in this anime are wierd lol.
Comment from : Ray Hill

Well i think it megu throw the book meaning she going to be A girl foever
Comment from : 4nown

Jarrah White
Comment from : Jarrah White

Erin Burns
do people in japan go round beating up old guys?
Comment from : Erin Burns

ok po. tnx!:)
Comment from : fedejikel

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