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Frances Landicho
She’s a transgender?
Comment from : Frances Landicho

Octogon Smuggler
I want a remake of every bancho related anime. 😚
Comment from : Octogon Smuggler

Sian Labay
Id like the story and the animation also. It fit perfectly :-D
Comment from : Sian Labay

Peter Krug
I wish some company would buy the rights to this show and dub and release it here, but considering how old it is, it doesn't look like that's ever going to happen.
Comment from : Peter Krug

Kate Noswatudidthere
0:52 i like this person
Comment from : Kate Noswatudidthere

Will Cook
Some translation things that should be more clear;
Megumi keeps using the very masculine "ore" to refer to himself instead of the formal feminine "watashi". Ore is used by fiery blooded boys, very rarely women unless they're BIIIIIG delinquents. To clarify, the masculine "boku" is often used by tomboys, but it's less hardcore than ore. This is why his female friend is getting really bothered every time he starts to talk.

"Hentai" literally means "pervert" here, I don't understand why it wasn't translated. But hey! You've learned something now. Hentai is often used online to refer to the anime genre of pornography too, but this is a different usage.

Megumi basically says he wants to be a "men of men", like if the entire population of Earth was men he'd be particularly masculine and manly in comparison to other men. "Man inside of a man" sounds dirty LOL.

If anyone wants to argue with me about calling Megumi "he" you can fuck right off, because he's a boy in his heart - that makes him transgender no matter what. This anime is about gender identity, if you're not going to be open minded you can leave. 🔥

Comment from : Will Cook

Yoecallie Haru Yoshida Chanie
I love this anime
Comment from : Yoecallie Haru Yoshida Chanie

I remember this anime way back 2006 here in PH. Kinikilig ako palagi hehehe
Comment from : GinikananTV

Ronalyn Beltran
Pinapanood ko datie 2 bata pa ako nun luv na luv ko 2 talaga ❤❤
Comment from : Ronalyn Beltran

FarmStrafez LMAO
Just how anime change
Comment from : FarmStrafez LMAO

인아닌아Jackson's Wifeu
i've been looking for this for decades!! OMG thank you so so much i'm like crying for joy now 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Comment from : 인아닌아Jackson's Wifeu

Jien Macaraeg
2019 anyone? I miss this anime, one of my favorites!
Comment from : Jien Macaraeg

I should go Beat my wife
Terrible art 😂😂
Comment from : I should go Beat my wife

Sheila Mae Fernandez
She's not pretty at all ... Her eyes is like a cat .. No offend. But. Its good if they remake this
Comment from : Sheila Mae Fernandez

Tifa Lockheart
The guy sounds like onizuka hmm
Comment from : Tifa Lockheart

sãʀɖôռʏx âʟաåʏs
Well shit, she's pretty ugly for an anime character.. 💀💀 Her face changes shape every five second... Lmfalo
Comment from : sãʀɖôռʏx âʟաåʏs

Pop Hnter
A guy?! Nani
Comment from : Pop Hnter

Eliot _3
Comment from : Eliot _3

Extra Rare
9:55 Why do I feel like seeing this timestamp comes from an XXXTENTACION song?
Comment from : Extra Rare

Masterr Laster
I only read the manga never knew there was an anime now I have to watch.
Edit: Also this is first EP so stop posting spoilers here people and stop hating on the art style it gets better as the series progresses.

Comment from : Masterr Laster

Rohana Rahman
Wow this is my first time seeing ugly angle.
Comment from : Rohana Rahman

Noah Moses
3:48 and that's how the kkk began
Comment from : Noah Moses

Chris Rue
For a while I thought that I just made this anime up in my head as kid since not a lot of my friends know about this, but after I searched it up I'm so delighted it's real
Comment from : Chris Rue

It's 2019 and I'm watching this anime all over again❤
Edit: I first watched this back in elementary. I'm a 90's kid by the way

Comment from : CLeendee

the little prince
Never knew there's an anime to this series
Comment from : the little prince

Sutipong prom
Best anime story I wish it will remake
Comment from : Sutipong prom

Jimmy Kudo’s Number One Fan
Comment from : Jimmy Kudo’s Number One Fan

markangelo dioneza
Comment from : markangelo dioneza

She isn't pretty sh is like orangutan
Comment from : FALLEN NEØ

darius radmanesh
i just got almost the entire manga seris for free from my local book store thing is though its all in Japaneses
Comment from : darius radmanesh

Kawaii Kawaii
I think I've fallen in love with this one
Comment from : Kawaii Kawaii

Leon Scott Kennedy
This anime brings back memories
Comment from : Leon Scott Kennedy

Gin Freecs
I thought she was actually a boy first but then ending revealed she has been a girl all this time.
Comment from : Gin Freecs

Beginner Art
Its kinda interesting but the art style is very old no offend but it will be more amazing anime series if they reanimate these with new art style jus mah oppinion XD
Comment from : Beginner Art

Flame O' Chu
Sooo prettyyy~😧😒😒 was the artist trying to mock anime or something...?
Comment from : Flame O' Chu

Karl Aug
Ep. 9 at 11:56 , is the Ep. & part , is one of the Episodes I really like .
Comment from : Karl Aug

Karl Aug
I've been looking for this for a while . I've missed the series .Thank God it's still up .
Comment from : Karl Aug

Sugarplum Bunny
Wow! This is my first time watching anime and I admit this is so good
Comment from : Sugarplum Bunny

RollingFilms HD
Wow, i really think that he was tom boy but actually he ever become a man ???????
Comment from : RollingFilms HD

Soga is still the best
Comment from : Ripper938

I used to watch this when I was 10 and I never thought it was this horrible. Lmao. I loved this anime though esp the opening and ending songs.
Comment from : Aiseruchan

Khalid Nadeem
She is not pretty at alllllll.😦😦😟😟😞😒
Comment from : Khalid Nadeem

Puspanjali Naik
That's mean he was a girl from her birth or not?
Comment from : Puspanjali Naik

I laughed so hard when I saw her face. I thought she's a real beauty... but damn, I was wrong AHAHAHA
Comment from : Ninon

Yep she's BEAUTIFUL ( pure sarcasm)
Comment from : Kelly

anime fan 3000
15:49 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😨😨😱💀
Comment from : anime fan 3000

Stephanie Rejon
I don't see very pretty 😂
Comment from : Stephanie Rejon

Ru Takanashi
This Quality Of Anime Suck Balls Like On 1990
Comment from : Ru Takanashi

Mimi yuri
Damn she hit home in the head with a goddamn brick
Comment from : Mimi yuri

Gracie Moore
14:40, when the acid kicks in.
Comment from : Gracie Moore

I've read the manga
Comment from : BlueTopazBeast

come into my van
Watching old things is always fun
Comment from : come into my van

Badjob Eson
White and black hair guy voice like buggy in one piece
Comment from : Badjob Eson

Old anime designs look a little weird
Comment from : _

Animation similar to GTO
Comment from : JoshPlayzRML

blaze king
why is he ugly when hes a girl and the bully to yuck and i tried to find this anime for 5 years i'm a tween now wow they change the animation wow
Comment from : blaze king

jelly 181
14:13 ranma reference
Comment from : jelly 181

Stephanie Rayside
OUCH! Miki throw that big rock at souga!!! Miki is very strong!
Comment from : Stephanie Rayside

Agar Lover
Those who cares about quality only fk them what matters is the story I like this
Comment from : Agar Lover

Loc Lam
Well I watch this are ready an is don't have season 2, I did ask him an there are no season 2 soo...., Is don't but i have good new thats is have 64 or 100 I think?
Comment from : Loc Lam

khemani walsh
Love this anime
Comment from : khemani walsh

KAL just KAL
Came here because i found the maga lying around on the ground
Comment from : KAL just KAL

Does anyone know what the thing going on with Kimura was? He was in like the first 7 episodes and then just left. Do we even know his last name?
Comment from : TheZeldaExperienceWithin

Ultra Delete
Base from graphics and design of character animation, I guess it older than the first Inuyasha. Maybe the time around Ranma1/2 or maybe early than that.
Comment from : Ultra Delete

Rhobie Jean Candinato Agton
I miss watching this 😍😂
Comment from : Rhobie Jean Candinato Agton

Ugh! For some reason, this is one of the anime from my childhood that I can't forget. Watching this is very nostalgic.
Comment from : crizzyzzirc

Shiroski O'charos
the style is quite an interesting to say at least but I'm expecting more on the story but for now let's continue!

p.s: I'm a huge fan of genderbend genre like this

Comment from : Shiroski O'charos

Aditya Seth
If this anime gets remade by a few talented manga artists and 2017 animation.... It could be very popular...
Comment from : Aditya Seth

Dal Ali
too many bluffs
Comment from : Dal Ali

Bob Skets
Damn she ugly
Comment from : Bob Skets

lol wtf​ the art style is so inconsistent
Comment from : johnny

Ace Dizon
gosh!I don't like their jaws ,tsk,tsk,tsk.
Comment from : Ace Dizon

Nuchinuchi TekTon
angel ? xD looks butt ugly , just like her character
Comment from : Nuchinuchi TekTon

Lorena Tellez
so the boy truned into a girl
Comment from : Lorena Tellez

I really liked this anime,I've watch it over and over
Comment from : Anime4life

this is old anime idiot,,
Comment from : Anime4life

stop hating on her! Hell she looks better that meg's fat azz!
Comment from : bwsofly

more_ dolant
did she just say she's originally a guy
Comment from : more_ dolant

Latonya Johnson
This is quality anime 😂 Like from 100 years ago jk
Comment from : Latonya Johnson

Smack That ass till it flow
why does the girls face look so funny to me
Comment from : Smack That ass till it flow

-Edileox -
Omg she isnt pretty at all XD
Comment from : -Edileox -

April B
I hope they remake this anime :))
Comment from : April B

daisu ki
that small guy did grant his wish but...he turn to girl with a super strengths he have xD....but the spell will only last for 10 year right?
Comment from : daisu ki

Catalan Gabriel
Ummm....she is ugly..but when her face is not showing she looks pretty..
Comment from : Catalan Gabriel

Miguel Teixeira
I think this anime is trash. I'm not saying IT IS TRASH. It's just my opinion.
Comment from : Miguel Teixeira

Mon Arron Rumbawa
That Girl Is so Ugly When its Face is Showin!!!!
Comment from : Mon Arron Rumbawa

An na
I prefer the manga over the anime just bcause this anime is rly old lol
Comment from : An na

moveon boy
oh really she is he

Comment from : moveon boy

Emiko Fabro
I miss this anime
Comment from : Emiko Fabro

This is Cutie Ringo Joy
I think the dude in the book only change megumi 's memory to think she is a boy and the fact that miki is the kind who doesn't hang out with a boy. I think megumi was born a girl
Comment from : This is Cutie Ringo Joy

Asakurahawl Samurai
and the last thing that I want you to know about true sexuality of megumi is to be revealed in episode 41 and 42 miki realised that megumi is a girl not a boy then fujiwara realize that the perrot genie did grant the wish of migumi becoming man of all men instead of turning megumi to a boy he makes her a super girl with a strength of a mighty man and ending to be a feminine without realising it thats what the perrot genie did to megumi in for felling her wish without knowning that she been manipulated from the start good job mr perrot femon genie you're so tricky and the good ending is episode 50 megumis heart tell her that she's a girl not a boy without hesitation of kissing genzo for saving her thats the end ilove the story of this anime hahaha ilove yhis girl megumi she's my type of a girl hope to be found in the furure hahaha funny
Comment from : Asakurahawl Samurai

Asakurahawl Samurai
to be honest guys in this anime story megumi is a girl due to her parents spoiling her since child that turn her into a tomboy thingking her self a boy and oneday meeting a girl name miki her friend and after encounter a magician with a strange magic book possess a genie that can grant wish but megumi wishes to become a man of all men but the Perrott genie can grant megumis wish because megumi is a real girl instead what the perrot genie does is erase her memories as a girl and manipulate her mind thingking that she was a boy and the adventure goes so megumi dint think that she forgotten the she is actually a girl never knowing it because her fellings is a man that turns her a tomboy but the end is good actually you must watch the anime sure or better to read the manga because in this anime you're thingking megumi is a guy who turns into a girl but actually she's a girl since birth thats the story at thr very end the perrot genie in the magic knows it from the very start the he made it to episode 50 that saying megumi made her decision that her wish no more in need of becoming a man is just because megumi is a girl hehhehe I post this comment to guys to read so that you'll never be confused in the story of pekky angel anime I hope you enjoy this anime just what ill enjoy it
Comment from : Asakurahawl Samurai

RhieJayn Juliano
Still one of my favorite. It's like I've never seen it before. Thank you so much for uploading! 😄
Comment from : RhieJayn Juliano

RhieJayn Juliano
So funny! 😂
Comment from : RhieJayn Juliano

mountain doolicious
She broke a cinder block off his nose wow!
Comment from : mountain doolicious

Naqirah Lee
Omg haven't seen this in awhile! It's still funny!!!XD
Comment from : Naqirah Lee

15:52 Hey haters gonna hate xD
Comment from : Supersonicplay1//SuperSSP1

Angelina Madrigal
Comment from : Angelina Madrigal

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